Exceptional Quality

Photo studio

Quinn Studios provides clients with the finest photography space available. We have a prime Photo Studio Space for rent, the perfect setting to guarantee your production comes out perfectly. Get in touch today to reserve a spot at our studio, and feel free to contact our professional team with any questions.

We have a full wall of solid, white Tafco glass. Exposed Brick walls. High ceilings with a Skylight. Mac desktop computer to work from. We have clothing racks with steamer. Bathroom attached to the studio space.

Amenities include a full working kitchen, makeup stations, 2 bathrooms, steamer, clothing racks, Wifi, 23" iMac, and live-shoot tethering capabilities. We also have interchangeable backdrops, 20' ceilings, Sonos surround sound, Alexa, office supplies and further assistance from our production team on your shoot if needed.

Our photo studio is used for high-end e-commerce fashion shoots, lifestyle ad campaigns and model castings. 



Beautiful Skylight allows for natural light in studio.


Editing Bay

Perfect set up for tethered shooting. 
23” Desktop iMac
Lightroom 2017
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Bridge


Photo Studio

With the option of a variety of backdrop colors, or exposed brick walls, our high-ceiling photo studio is perfect for an e-commerce shoot, video shoot or lifestyle photo session.


Lighting + Syncing

  • 2x Alien-Bee Pro Photoflash

  • 1x 160 WS B400

  • 1x 320 WS B800

  • 1x Impact Porcelain Socket with Umbrella Mount (500W) + daylight bulb

  • 1x X-rite Color Checker [video and photo]

  •  2x Pocket WizardPlus X Transceiver

  • 3x Neewer 16ch Wireless Flash Trigger [for wireless strobe syncing]

  • 2x Tethered Pro cables [for live-shooting into laptop or desktop] 

Photo Equipment

Studio Equipment

1x C-Stand
1x Fan
5x Impact LS-6B Light Stands
2x Metal stools
1x Ladder
1x Step Stool
9x Clamps- 3"


Lighting Modifiers

 1x Fotodiox Pro Softbox Octabox- 48"

1x Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrella - 64”

1x Removable white diffuser for 64" Umbrella

1x Beauty Dish- 16"

1x Grid + White diffuser Panel for Beauty Dish- 16"

1x Black/White Interchangeable Umbrella- 43''

2x Black/Silver Umbrella- 36"

1x Impact Floodlight Reflector- 10"


Digital Tech Equipment

23” Desktop iMac


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Bridge


seamless paper

Savage Seamless Non-Reflective Background Paper 107"
1x Roll #79 Almond
1x Roll #41 Blue Mist
1x Roll #26 Slate Grey
2x Rolls #66 Pure White
1x Roll #64 Blue Jean